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Event Press Release: Canada West Performing Arts Festival to Premier in Saskatchewan in the Summer of 2022

Dates: July 21-23, 2022
Location: University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK)

AMFA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the provincial performing arts festival associations of BC and SK to present the Canada West Performing Arts Festival (CWPAF)!

The CWPAF will be held in rotation with Saskatchewan hosting in 2022, Alberta hosting in 2023, and British Columbia hosting in 2024 (pending Covid restrictions).

The CWPAF will feature the top amateur music and speech arts competitors from each partnering province’s provincial performing arts festival. Competitors will compete in three different age categories in a variety of solo disciplines as well as Chamber and Choral.

To learn more about the CWPAF, please see the full text of the Press Release or contact the provincial administrator of the festival association in your participating province. If you would like to volunteer or sponsor a scholarship at the CWPAF, please contact the hosting province for the coming year.

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Canada West Performing
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Event Press Release

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